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SPAIN: A reinvented partner

This year marks the 40th anniversary of bilateral relations for Spain and China. Relations between the two countries have been characterized by extensive and successful diplomatic and economic cooperation. China refers to Spain as its “closest European ally” and relies upon its help to establish political and commercial links with the EU. Spain views China …


MOZAMBIQUE: A new age of progress

Mozambique’s transition from a post-conflict country to one of Africa’s “frontier economies” has been nothing short of impressive. Emerging from years of conflict to become one of the continent’s best performers, Mozambique grew at an average annual rate of 6 percent – 8 percent in the decade up to 2012. The World Bank expects 2013 …


KENYA: A New horizon

As the economic engine of East Africa, Kenya continues to offer a great deal of opportunity to Chinese investors, just as the Kenyan economy also stands to benefit from new Chinese FDI; In July, the World Bank stated that the Kenyan economy was still operating below potential, and that, “Foreign Direct Investment is key to …


How INDONESIA plans to climb the value ladder

Content no longer to be a commodity-based economy, and gearing up to face new economic scenarios in the near future, both regionally and globally, Indonesia has launched an economic plan that targets new value-added productivity within the next three years. Six economic corridors have been mapped out in the country that will together create a …