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GREECE: Resuming growth

Coverage about Greece in the international media has been vast in recent years. The fiscal crisis and the austerity program implemented under the aegis of the so-called troika of the EC, ECB and IMF, which managed Greece’s €240bn bailout, has been the subject of intellectual debate worldwide. Nothing will make us forget the suffering of …


PAKISTAN, Preserving Ties

The EU and Pakistan have strong bilateral relations through their historical, cultural, defence and trade ties. A large Pakistani diaspora now resides in the EU, facilitating a cultural exchange and return of remittances to Pakistan. The EU and Pakistan are committed in their joint goal of regional security and peace. Both are working towards strengthening …


BELIZE: A Natural Niche

After registering strong growth of 5.3% in 2012, Belize’s economy slowed to 1.4% on a decline in oil production and problems with citrus output and power production, partly owing to last year’s drought. Modest growth is expected to resume this year with forecasts of 2.4% per year to 2015. Belize’s small economy (at $1.6 billion, ...

PORTUGAL: New faces

Portugal continues to make sure footed progress down the path to economic recovery, registering growth in the last trimester of 2013 which was even higher than that of Germany (0.5% compared to 0.4%). Showing a gradual increase in productivity, consumption, exports and private investment, the country’s macroeconomic indicators are a virtual light at the end …


SPAIN: A reinvented partner

This year marks the 40th anniversary of bilateral relations for Spain and China. Relations between the two countries have been characterized by extensive and successful diplomatic and economic cooperation. China refers to Spain as its “closest European ally” and relies upon its help to establish political and commercial links with the EU. Spain views China …