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How INDONESIA plans to climb the value ladder


Content no longer to be a commodity-based economy, and gearing up to face new economic scenarios in the near future, both regionally and globally, Indonesia has launched an economic plan that targets new value-added productivity within the next three years. Six economic corridors have been mapped out in the country that will together create a new manufacturing hub extraordinaire in South East Asia.
These developments should position Indonesia well for the 2015 launch of the ASEAN Economic Community, in addition to supporting ongoing efforts to expand its export markets in emerging economies. Value-added production is the next step in a national plan that aims to consolidate Indonesia as a sustainable, high-tech economy among the world’s top ten by 2025–a goal consistent with McKinsey’s prediction that the country will become the world’s seventh-largest economy by 2030. British companies in on the ground now are set to benefit from the growth ahead, while Indonesia is actively seeking partners in its efforts to build more competitive and innovative industries.

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