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Miami Herald

1.5 million South Florida adults interact
with our products each week

  • The Miami Herald is South Florida’s largest daily newspaper and the winner of 20 Pulitzer prizes.
  • On weekdays, it covers local, national and international news.
South Florida is one of the most attractive consumer markets in the nation
The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale designated market area (DMA) includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties. It is:
  • The 15th largest market in the nation, with 4.5 million total residents.
  • Growing rapidly in population – 90% faster than the national average.
  • Expanding quickly in consumer expenditures – 62% faster than the national average. Total current consumer expenditures in the market are $80.6 billion.
  • The fourth largest Hispanic market in the nation, with 2.2 million Hispanics.
  • South Florida Hispanics have $42 billion in buying power and growing – in the next five years Hispanic buying power is projected to grow 13% to $48 billion.
  • Hispanics account for 48% of the total population (compared to 18% in the U.S.), white non-Hispanics account for 27%, and black non-Hispanics account for 20%.
  • South Florida Hispanics are affluent, educated and professional.
Miami-Dade County is the most powerful county in the southeast U.S.
Compared to any other county in the southeast U.S., Miami-Dade has:
  • The largest population.
  • The highest consumer spending.
  • The most households with incomes of $100,000+ and $500,000+
  • The most homes valued at $500,000+ and $1 million+
Miami: A global hub
Widely considered one of the country’s most important financial centers, Miami is a major center for commerce, banking and international trade. Its proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean have earned it a reputation as the gateway to the Americas, and home to scores of international companies and Latin American corporate headquarters.
You’ve got the POWER IN AUDIENCE
  • 1.5 million South Florida adults interact with our products each week.
  • 9.2 million unique visitors interact with our websites each month.
You’ve got the POWER TO ENGAGE
  • A larger audience than any other Florida newspaper.
  • More affluent visitors than any other local media website.
  • A larger audience than any other local media outlet.
You’ve got the POWER TO EXPAND
Our other editorial offerings allow us to reach diverse audiences beyond our core products, to reach a full 50% of adults in South Florida.
Reach 1 in 2 adults in our core market:
      • yes! (Sunday Select), our weekly opt-in shopping publication, is distributed to 120,000 homes in select ZIP codes.
      • Qué Pasa, our free Spanish-language weekly tabloid, has a distribution of 77,250, home delivered and available at racks in Hispanic areas of Miami-Dade.
      • Miami.com, South Florida’s premier event and entertainment website, has 110,000 local monthly visitors.

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