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PORTUGAL: New faces

PORTUGAL: New faces

Portugal continues to make sure footed progress down the path to economic recovery, registering growth in the last trimester of 2013 which was even higher than that of Germany (0.5% compared to 0.4%). Showing a gradual increase in productivity, consumption, exports and private investment, the country’s macroeconomic indicators are a virtual light at the end of the tunnel after two years of Troika-administered financial rescue.
As Portugal celebrates its 40th anniversary of democracy this year, ushered in by the Carnation Revolution on April 25, 1974, the country is entering a new era of economic freedom that will determine its destiny as a modern country. Those companies that were able to withstand the blows of the crisis are now stronger, more competitive, innovative and creative, and they heighten Portugal’s attraction as an export hub and investment destination.
The new face of Portugal is comprised of these companies and entrepreneurs who used imagination to confront adversity, adding value to their portfolio of products and services. They are the reason why Portugal is now registering more patents per year than any other country in the European Union and why it has become a global reference in the fields of science, healthcare, software, engineering and renewable energy.
Portugal: New faces is the story of the people, companies and academic institutions that make up this new Portugal and who, thanks to their spirit of cooperation and determination to prevail, have made dreams of a new economic miracle possible.

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