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Engaging audiovisual stories

Objectivity is often seen as the core value of journalism, and as journalists we deliver the facts and reliably convey the protagonists’ viewpoints, analyses and opinions. Our experience and backgrounds in journalism, filmmaking and marketing combine to give us a unique approach to storytelling that is grounded in quality, effectiveness, and a real concern for the topics and people we feature.
We understand our business as a collaborative endeavor that brings together different skills, from scriptwriting, research, planning, shooting to post-production and distribution. Our crews produce on-the-ground research and footage based on in-depth interviews with the most relevant personalities and experts related to the topic or country under focus. As a result, our documentaries span a wide range of topics that demonstrate a special interest in country profiles, economic developments and socio-political issues, complete with stories that portray the reality behind the surface of news.
At Haddock Media International we produce dynamic audiovisual content for some of the most trusted TV networks and online platforms in the world. We strive to be leaders with the latest digital video technologies and we practice our profession with a creative yet thorough technical approach. We use the moving image to document the world in its truest form, with the aim of provoking further discussion among viewers and offering new perspectives and insights for a real, balanced picture.





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